15 subjects for your corporate blog

In a previous article, I explained how to write a good blog. A blog that is not just an extra sales page, but that provides valuable content for your customers. And a blog that bridges the gap between what you want to convey and what your audience wants to read. This should be the core of your content strategy.

This may give rise to the next question; what should the blog be about? You can’t just start writing haphazardly; you need to find the right subjects first.

Of course, one way of doing this is by making a content planning. But today, I am making it a little easier for you. I have gathered 15 ready-to-use blog subjects that you can easily re-purpose for your company. Use them all, and you have almost 4 months’ worth of material.

1. How to

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to ‘give away their knowledge for free’. This fear, however, is unfounded. By sharing knowledge, you show yourself to be an expert in your field – which costs you nothing. On the contrary, it will attract customers. So use your blog to explain how a certain process works, or how your customers can tackle a certain issue.

2. ‘What NOT to do’

Lists of common mistakes may be even more popular than ‘how to’ lists. Your readers will use your list to see if they are making any of those mistakes, and figure out if they are on the right track. This gives you a great opportunity to give them valuable tips.

3. Behind the scenes

The fun part of blogs and social media (where you share those blogs) is that you can show people a bit of who you are. By making it personal, your readers will get a clear picture of the person and the values behind your business. Give your readers some insight into how things work at your office, in your team, or even on your couch at home.

4. Case study

The first thing that potential customers do when they have found you is look for previous experiences. They want to know what you have done for other customers, how you have approached their case and whether the customer is satisfied. Make this process easy by putting customer reviews on your home page, or write a case study to discuss the whole project in depth.

5. Checklist

Just like the ‘how to’ blog, the checklist is an excellent way to share your knowledge and showcase yourself as an expert. Give your customers a useful step-by-step guide that they can print and hang on their fridge.

6. News

Undoubtedly, there is a lot happening in your company every day. You might be launching a new product or adding more value to a service. You might be organizing an event soon. Each of these subjects are worth writing an article about.

7. Report

When the product launch or event from the previous subject has taken place, you can write a report on it. Because what could be more fun than writing about your successful day?

8. Trends

Does your field show any important trends or developments? Subjects that are popular in trade journals or on Google Trends? You are bound to have something to say about it. Let your customers know which trends to follow, and which ones are better to ignore.

9. Tips & tricks

In your field, you probably come across many interesting or fun things that you can share with your customers. Think of your favorite books, articles, tools etc. Turn this into a list of tips & tricks to inspire your readers.

10. Interview

Ask an expert for his vision on the developments in your field. Or interview a colleague or employee about his work in the company. The interview will add a personal touch to your blog, as well as give an informative picture of the daily business.

11. Guest blogger

Every field has its own specializations. While you can write about your own knowledge, an expert in another (related) field can add a new perspective. For example, if you write about web design, you could look for a graphic designer, copywriter, SEO expert, photographer or online marketeer to write a piece for you.

12. Customer questions

What kinds of questions do customers have about your product or service? Delve into your mailbox or CRM system and make a list of subjects and questions you could address in an article. In case there are no questions available, just Google one of your keywords and take a look at the resulting suggestions.

13. Blog series

Can you think of a subject to write multiple articles on? Try to come up with different ways to approach the subject. For example, I have done this with this series on writing a blog, that has already yielded two previous articles.

14. Response to current affairs

It is getting more and more difficult to do this subject right, since every marketing team seems to be doing it. Nonetheless, responding to the latest trends, affairs and news is still a good opportunity to introduce your company to a wider audience, especially if it’s done in a playful manner.

15. Re-use old content

Dive into your archives to see if you can update any of your old articles. Similarly, you can take other material, such as a PowerPoint presentation, video or whitepaper and transform it into an easy-to-read article.

Still waiting for inspiration after reading this article? I can help you with a fresh perspective on your target audience and will happily provide you with enough subjects for your corporate blog. Which I can then turn into interesting articles for your blog. Request a quote here or read more about me here. 




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