How to find a good translator

Anybody can call themselves a translator. Literally anybody. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need to know the language you’re translating into. You don’t even need to do any of the work yourself as long as you can use Google Translate.

This means that a paying customer moves into dangerous territory when they are looking for a translator. There are many different translators and translation agencies who claim that they are or work with the best – and deliver for the lowest price. How can you tell who really delivers translations of the highest quality?

How do I recognize a good translator?

  1. A good translator knows how to do her research

She’ll ask you questions about the content of the text and about external factors, such as the intended audience. After this briefing she’ll spend time researching the more specific details in the text.

  1. A good translator knows how to communicate

When you send her an e-mail, she’ll answer quickly and politely. She’ll indicate her rates and if after delivery you have a question about her translation, she can explain her decisions clearly and to the point.

  1. A good translator also knows how to write a text

That’s why a good translator isn’t just obsessed with detail – she is also creative. She doesn’t translate literally but creates a text that sounds natural in the target language.

Are you looking for a good translator?

If you are looking for an inventive and resourceful translator and copywriter who can help you with your translation from Dutch into English or from English into Dutch, then please contact us. We will gladly discuss all your needs with you and ways in which we can answer them.

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