Copy editing


Are you looking for a freelance copywriter to proofread, edit or re-write your copy? COCO specializes in finding the right words for your business. From creative concepts to a new content strategy, you have found the right place for all your communication. 


Do you need an editor for your text? Request an offer here, or contact me via email:

What is COCO?

COCO doesn’t just deliver a cleverly written text, but also to relevant content for your audience. The tone of voice is carefully selected to catch the eye, and convince your audience of all that you have to offer. Moreover, this text communicates the exact message that you want to convey and will be picked up by the search engines as well.


Is your copy effective?

Your copy will be thoroughly evaluated and analyzed in terms of effectiveness. This will be based on the determined goals and target audience of the text. Together, we will assess whether the text meets the standards, and we will edit it if necessary.


SEO copy

The web is all about seeing and being seen. Your website needs to be easy to find for Google, which is where SEO copy comes into play. COCO would love to optimize your web content for SEO, so you will notice that the right people will find you quicker. Prepare to meet your new customers!

The copy


Work process



Well begun is half done. That is why any project at COCO starts with a thorough briefing. When requesting a quote, you are asked to enter the basics of the project, such as the subject of your text, the aim, the target audience and the number of words. Based on your information, I will create a quote, indicating the price and delivery date for the project. Once you have agreed, I will contact you so we can discuss the project in more detail, e.g. your corporate identity and your main concerns for the copy or translation.


Getting started

As soon as I have all the necessary information, I get started. If it’s a big project, I will keep you updated on the process. Then, I deliver the project on the agreed date. 



After delivery, there will be a period of seven days for you to ask any questions or request modifications.

The end result is a piece of great copy that meets your wishes. Once both parties approve the copy, it is ready to be deployed.