Do you have a question for COCO? Please have a look at the overview of frequently asked questions below. If this FAQ does not answer your question, please feel free to contact me.


H) Can I request a particular writing style?

All copy at Verbal Vision is fine-tuned to your aims and target audiences. Writing style is an essential part of this process. Do you have a particular style in mind? Please describe the desired result thoroughly, so it can be taken into account. 

I) What is a ‘target audience’?

Good copy is oriented towards a particular type of reader, the target audience. Before any writing or translating can be done, you will be asked where text will be published, whom it is intended for and what your aim is. This will reveal the target audience and the required style for the text. Subsequently, text characteristics such as word choice, sentence length, writing style and tone of voice can be fine-tuned to fit the target audience.

J) What is SEO copy?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This means that your copy will be optimised for search engines, such as Google. Making copy SEO proof will enhance your position in the search results, so it will be easier for people to find your website.

K) What are the rates for copywriting, editing or translation?

Every project at Verbal Vision is tailored specifically to your needs. Every piece of copywriting, editing or translating is different, which means that the rates vary as well. Want to find out your project price? Please request a non-binding quote here.

L) Do you offer discounts on long-term projects?

For long-term projects we can discuss a competitive price. Please contact me via info@www.teamcoco.nl.

M) What are your terms and conditions?

G) Can I send you my terminology list?

If you need a lot of translations, or if your texts contain many technical terms, it would be useful to send me a terminology list along with your source text. That way, your translations are guaranteed to stay consistent. You can submit your terminology list as an attachment when you request a quote or via email: info@www.teamcoco.nl.

F) How can I send you a document for translation?

The easiest format for your input is a Microsoft Word document, but you can also provide your input in the following formats: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, PDF, HTML, XML and TXT. You can submit the file as an attachment when you request a quote or via email: info@www.teamcoco.nl.

E) What input do you expect from me?

That depends on the type of project. When translating or copy editing, the main input is the source document and any requirements for the end result. The more information you can provide, the better the results!

The most important questions to keep in mind are: what are your needs for this project, who is your target audience, and what deadline do you have in mind?

D) What is the delivery time for copywriting or translation?

It all depends on the extent and complexity of your project, but we can always find a date we both agree on. If you need a text or translation, please contact me in a timely manner to discuss the project. I will create a quote and schedule your project. Shorter deadlines are often possible too, but those require an urgency fee.

C) How do you execute a project?

  1. Briefing

Well begun is half done. That is why any project at Verbal Vision starts with a thorough briefing. When requesting a quote, you are asked to enter the basics of the project, such as the subject of your text, the aim, the target audience and the number of words. Based on your information, I will create a quote, indicating the price and delivery date for the project. Once you have agreed, I will contact you so we can discuss the project in more detail, e.g. your corporate identity and your main concerns for the copy or translation.

  1. Getting started

As soon as I have all the necessary information, I get started. If it’s a big project, I will keep you updated on the process. Then, I deliver the project on the agreed date. 

  1. Delivery

After delivery, there will be a period of seven days for you to ask any questions or request modifications.
The end result is a piece of great copy that meets your wishes. Once both parties approve the copy, it is ready to be deployed.

B) What kinds of copy do you create/translate?

Verbal Vision specialises in online copy, such as your home page, landing pages or your blog. All online copy is made SEO-friendly, which enhances your website’s Google ranking. Verbal Vision writes, edits and translates all kinds of copy with great pleasure. Whether it’s a single document or a long-term project, I am happy to take your copy to the next level. 

A) Why choose Verbal Vision?

Verbal Vision is proud to deliver high quality, custom copy, along with great service. With my academic background and experience with all kinds of copy, I am a one-stop-shop for all your copywriting and translation projects. I create and translate all manner of copy with attention to detail, taking your wishes into full consideration. Together, we can achieve the best results. Read more about Verbal Vision here.