Your homepage is, as the word implies, the home base of your website. It’s the place for appealing copy to make clear what you offer and why you are the right choice for your customer. It might thus be the most important page of your website. Have your homepage written by an SEO copywriter, and prepare to gain lots of new leads. 


Strangely enough, the homepage is usually not the first page your visitors will see. Most visitors will come in through your landing pages or blog articles. The homepage is therefore not an introduction, but a continuation.


Here, your entire offer comes together in one overview. This is the place to present your company in the most appealing way possible with as few words as possible. What does that look like?


A good homepage:

Is convincing
… because it emphasizes the benefits and results of your product;


Builds trust
… through professional and engaging language;


Is personal
…because it suits your brand identity and/or content strategy;


Inspires people to act
…by means of a clear call to action;


Can be found in the search engine
… because all copy is SEO optimized.


A good copywriter knows your audience and the needs they have. This creates a strategic homepage that welcomes the visitor warmly and gently pushes them to the next step. Resulting in more visitors, a lower bounce rate, and a higher conversion.


COCO is happy to help you create your homepage. Do you already have a few ideas? Good, we’ll just develop those. Don’t know where to start? We’ll find out during an interview (via email). This way, we’ll create a page that conveys exactly what your company has to offer.


Interested in an effective homepage? Contact us to explore the possibilities or request a quote here.