Landing Page


A good landing page attracts visitors from search engines, social media and other platforms. It offers the visitor valuable content that invites them to read more, and leads them to the next step. A good landing page is therefore SEO-proof, conversion-oriented and seamlessly connected to your brand story. 


A good copywriter knows your audience and the needs they have. This creates a strategic landing page that welcomes the visitor warmly and gently pushes them to the next step. Resulting in more visitors, a lower bounce rate, and a higher conversion.


Search Engine Optimization

Before you can welcome visitors to your website, you must first be able to be found. The search engine can only find your website if you use the right keywords. The landing page is the ideal place to incorporate these keywords, both short tail and long tail, in your texts. For each important search term, you can create a specific landing page. A good SEO copywriter knows exactly how to write a text that is attractive to both parties; the search engine and the visitor.



Landing pages are, as the word suggests, the place where the visitor ‘lands’ when she has found your website by using a certain search term (whether organic or via Adwords). This is the place where your offer and her demand should come together. Hence, this is the place where you highlight a specific product or service and go into depth to show the benefits and results. Finally, you use a call to action to turn your visitor into a customer.


Target audience

It is important that your landing pages connect to your brand story, so you communicate the same values everywhere. Don’t have a brand story yet? Then we’ll map out your target audience first, so you know who your potential customers are. We then identify the core values of your company, which we connect to the needs of these potential customers; and voilà, the brand story is born.


Let us create your landing page

COCO is happy to help you write your landing page. Do you already have a few ideas? Good, we’ll just develop those. Don’t know where to start? We’ll find out during an interview (via email). This way, we’ll devise a landing page that conveys exactly what your company has to offer. 


Interested in an effective landing page? Contact us to explore the possibilities or request a quote here.