Marketing Copy


It may sound harsh, but it’s true: your product does not sell itself. What sells your product is the words that go with it. That oneliner, that tells your reader why your product is special in a glance, and the product description, that makes your reader not want to go without it anymore. And finally, the newsletter that excites the customer every week. These recourses, which are vital to your business, deserve the right attention and expertise. Make them a priority and hire a good copywriter, to write beautiful copy for all your marketing resources.

Marketing copywriting


Looking for well-written ads to promote your product? A copywriter who creates a beautiful advertorial, editorial or flyer for you? Look no further – COCO offers all you need.

Marketing copy editing


Do you have a draft of promotional copy that doesn’t read smoothly? Does the message just not come across, or does it clash with your corporate identity? Have your copy proofread and edited by a copywriter. From small corrections to a complete re-write, COCO will turn your copy into words with vision.

Marketing translation


Do you target the Dutch market as well as an English audience? COCO can help you sort out well-written copy in English.



>> Custom copywriting
>> Choose from English or Dutch
>> Copy is tailored to your corporate identity and tone of voice
>> Copy is aimed at your goals and target audience
>> Copy is delivered in Word or directly in WordPress
>> Quick and smooth communication

The copy


Below, you will find a few examples of copy that I could write, edit or translate for you. For more examples, find my full portfolio here.


Work process



Well begun is half done. That is why any project at COCO starts with a thorough briefing. When requesting a quote, you are asked to enter the basics of the project, such as the subject of your text, the aim, the target audience and the number of words. Based on your information, I will create a quote, indicating the price and delivery date for the project. Once you have agreed, I will contact you so we can discuss the project in more detail, e.g. your corporate identity and your main concerns for the copy or translation.


Getting started

As soon as I have all the necessary information, I get started. If it’s a big project, I will keep you updated on the process. Then, I deliver the project on the agreed date. 



After delivery, there will be a period of seven days for you to ask any questions or request modifications.

The end result is a piece of great copy that meets your wishes. Once both parties approve the copy, it is ready to be deployed.