News letter or mailing


The news letter is an essential part of your marketing method. A good news letter or mailing reaches both existing customers and an audience of interested leads. It provides relevant information of your products in an appealing way, and peaks their interest for future projects and opportunities. Your (potential) customer not only stays up to date, but is motivated to act month after month. Have a copywriter write appealing texts, and prepare for skyhigh conversion rates. 


A good news letter:


Catches the attention
…with great headlines;


Builds trust
…with professional and captivating language;


Is appealing
…because it responds to readers’ needs;


Is personal
…because it suits your brand identity and/or content strategy;


Inspires people to act
…by means of a clear call to action;


A good copywriter knows your audience and the needs they have. This creates a strategic news letter that informs your readers, convinces them and calls them to action. Resulting in more potential leads, more returning customers and a higher conversion rate.


COCO is happy to write the news letters for your company. Do you already have a few ideas? Good, we’ll just develop those. Don’t know where to start? We’ll find out during an interview (via email). This way, we’ll devise a news letter that conveys exactly what your company has to offer. 


Interested in an effective news letter? Contact us to explore the possibilities or request a quote here.