A whitepaper is a (PDF) document of about 10 to 20 pages, in which you share knowledge on a certain subject. Because of the length, you can go into more depth than on for example your blog or homepage. A whitepaper doesn’t sell anything, but it presents your solution to a problem or readers’ questions. This makes it an important part of your content marketing strategy.


When you teach the reader something, you reinforce your status as an expert and authority in your field. In addition, you show the reader that your company is the right choice, and that you can help the customer in the best way possible. Lastly, by giving away your whitepaper in exchange for an email address, you will build up a collection of useful leads. Have a copywriter write your whitepaper, and prepare to gain lots of new leads. 


A good whitepaper:


Is appealing
…because it responds to readers’ needs;


Builds trust
…with professional and captivating language;


Is clearly legible
…because it translates complicated matter into comprehensive copy;


Is personal
…because it suits your brand identity and/or content strategy;


Inspires people to act
…by means of a clear call to action;


A good copywriter knows your audience and the needs they have. This creates a strategic whitepaper that informs your readers, convinces them and calls them to action. Resulting in more downloads, more qualitative leads and a higher conversion rate.


COCO would love to help you write your whitepaper. Do you already have a few ideas? Good, we’ll just develop those. Don’t know where to start? We’ll find out during an interview (via email). This way, we’ll devise a whitepaper that conveys exactly what your company has to offer. 


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